Sign the Petition, Save the World


This is the official petition of the Racebending/Aang-Aint-White/Saving the World with Postage movement. It will be delivered to MANAA, EWP, and one of the leaders of AAW will personally see that it physically makes it to the Kennedy/Marshall production office in Santa Monica and to other desks at Paramount. This is not a "useless" online petition. We will ensure that it gets to the people who need to see it.It's also a headcount of everyone we can find willing to condemn The Last Airbender's insensitive and racially discriminative casting practices.

Maybe you were too busy to write a letter--you are not too busy to sign this petition!

We're asking that everyone who signs this petition find five other people to sign it. Think about what we can do. If everyone in the facebook group can get five other people to sign the petition, that would equal 13,000 signatures. Ask your parents, your siblings, your friends, your teachers, classmates, and that creepy guy who likes you even though you're not interested.

Filming is beginning soon. The movement is running out of time. We need strength in numbers. Let's show Paramount the size of the audience they've lost. Whether you care about the integrity of the original series or are just pissed off of the way Hollywood still continues to cast white actors to play non-white characters, this is one way to speak out.



Tell Your Friends

Once you've signed the petitions, please use this script to spread the word! eel Copy this letter to send to your friends, post online and encourage others to sign the petition. Your help is needed!


Have any questions for us? Feel free to contact us at:
Marissa Lee
Loraine Sammy
PR Coordinators

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